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Tell Me That Story

Would you like to create your own success story instead of just reading about someone else’s?

I will show you where to start and what to do first.

I hope you have laid out your plans for 2017 so that this year you will have a success story of your own. If you haven’t done that YET, go and read about, share, and find hope in someone else’s success story.

Years ago, I was involved with a different network marketing company. They did a lot of talking about success but I didn’t see too many people succeeding. That experience affected me when I first became a part of doTerra. Then, one day, I noticed people that were in the same business with me were advancing through the ranks, and their incomes were going up!

My belief level started to go up. Plain and Simple.

Even in the Old Testament, the people were instructed to pass down the stories of God’s goodness and mercy from generation to generation. We desperately NEED to hear good things, success stories, and feel-good stories.

So, here is a success story that was posted on Facebook a couple of days ago by one of the ladies on our team.

Success Story, Cancun incentive trip“We are in Cancun with most of dōTERRA’s top leaders and the executive team. It is almost overwhelming to think back to the decision about going to that first class and to see where that decision has led us. It started with little bottles that helped us feel better, but I had no idea where that would lead us.

We have traveled to places we would have never gone. I have spent more time on a beach this past year than I have in my whole life. My marriage is stronger, my friendships are stronger, my time belongs to me. I am so thankful for a company and friends that help me be a better human.

When you are thinking about a decision to watch an online class, or have an opportunity to attend a live essential oil class, do yourself a favor and GO. If you are looking for a different way to do life, take the time to look at dōTERRA as a business.”

Are you at all interested in doing Life this way, alongside me?

I would love to show you how to do this. My team has incredible training and systems in place to support you along the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for ambitious, hard-working people to partner with and just do LIFE with! You will be so proud of our company, products, team and getting to work with ME! Yes, I said it and I mean it. I believe that God put you in my path and that you’ve been praying for someone to give you direction!  🙂

Take Action and send me a message Now!

I will give you the first few steps to help you decide if this might be the right “Fit” for you and your family… and get you started on the journey to Your Success Story!



Say What You Mean!

Say What You Mean! You have to try to get across whatever it is that you want people to understand, right? Red paper with xoxo written on it. Say what you mean

In this fast-paced age, when everyone has a cell phone, computers, and internet access everywhere they go… You would think that people would say what they mean and communication levels would be higher than ever! The only problem is… I don’t think that’s the case.

In my humble opinion, I still believe that communication is the key to healthy relationships! So, say what you mean and then make sure you are understood before you leave the conversation!

Sometimes when we say things, people don’t really hear it or try to understand what you mean. It really depends on “where they are” when you say it.

For instance, if I were to say to my daughter, “Tiana, someday I hope to be where you are today.”

  • You could assume that Tiana is in the kitchen and that’s where I want to be. (*wink* smiling now because I am one that avoids the kitchen, lol! For some reason, I don’t like cooking and I hate doing the dishes.)
  • You could assume that since she just won the State Championship in Javelin throwing that I wanted to be an outstanding athlete.
  • Tiana has a beautiful 18 year-old body so it would be very easy to assume that I want to be where she is in fitness and muscle tone.

All of those things listed could be true but without her asking me, “What do you mean, Moma?” she will probably never know. Some statements are meant to open the conversation or to create real life-producing thoughts.

Now, if she had just been working out and was focused on stretching and the cool-down phase, her thought process would be different than it would be if she had just returned to her seat from leading the Praise & Worship service at church. Or, if we had just finished talking about finances for her first year of college, her perception of that statement would be entirely different than it would be if I were mad at her for not doing the laundry. (I use sarcasm way too much at our house so my children are always “on guard”. It does, however, provoke them to think about the things that are said and the way that they use their words!)

Here’s the deal – If I were to tell her right now, “Tiana, someday I hope to be where you are today” it would mean that she is a leader and she inspires people. She has a magnetic attraction because of her obvious “Favor of God” and people are drawn to her. She knows she has value and beauty and she isn’t dealing with any “junk” about the way she looks. That’s what I mean by saying that I want to be where she is!

Do you want to lead people and empower them to be FREE? You will need influence and the “Favor of God” to do that.

The good news is that all you have to do is ASK for it and the Lord will give it to you!

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We should learn to build on our strengths and become stronger in them so that we become the expert. For our weaknesses, let’s find partners, friends or family members and come into agreement for them to take care of the issues that we are weak in.

It is my hope that I have helped you with this story! We are all on a journey together! It is my desire to see you more and more FREE! As you conquer something, help someone else to follow in your footsteps. It’s ok to give some things away. It’s also ok to charge for products and services that have value for others. People are buying “stuff” every day that has NO value and wasting their money. It would be much better for them to see some value for their money by buying from you!

We have started a community of people who care about each other and want to see each other succeed. There’s no reason to be jealous of somebody else because God has enough love and grace for the whole world!

There’s room on top of this mountain of influence! Let’s Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say! How about it? Would you like to join me?

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Michelle Drinkard is a Powerful Woman of God who has been married to a sweet Preacher of the Gospel for over 20 years. She is a mother to two amazing children! 🙂 She is helping people – one step at a time – to take control of their spending habits, stretch their money and get out of debt with reality-based principles. Michelle will tell you like it is… in a REAL, no-fluff, back-to-basics way that produces RESULTS.

Work From Home and Change Your Life!

Have you checked into those Work-From-Home businesses that you saw advertised?

Work from home and change your life today

Did you dare to hope for a second that you could make a substantial income working from home?

One of the things that really gets me riled up is to see a trusting, good-hearted person being taken advantage of by someone who only cares about themselves! Arrggghhhh!

About 13 years ago, I found out about a Work-from-Home business in Network Marketing from a family member and I was hooked! I saw that I could help other people, make a residual income and become financially independent. PLUS, I would get to raise my own kids instead of paying a daycare to take care of my babies! What could be better?

The only problem with the picture above is that I wasn’t prepared for any of that. Just because I could see the POWER in the plan didn’t mean I would have the training, the team, or the maturity level to achieve it… at least, not for a while.

Why do some people join in a work-from-home business and do well quickly and others do not?
I don’t believe it has anything to do with being a good salesperson.
It doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence, education or background.
It really doesn’t seem to matter whether you are attractive or not.
Forget it. Luck doesn’t even manage to rank here, either.

If I were looking for an opportunity to get involved with today, my questions would be so much different than what they were around the year 2000 when I saw that first business presentation. There are many great companies out there today and millions of people are making part-time, full-time and even dream-level incomes. Could you be one of the those people on the stage next year at the company’s annual convention getting recognized and having a blast?

Would you like to know what I would look for today, more than anything else, before starting in a work-from-home business?
Let me know in the comment section below and I will get that report right out to you!

Have a great day!

Michelle Drinkard is a Powerful Woman of God who has been married to a sweet Preacher of the Gospel for over 20 years. She is a mother to two amazing children! 🙂 She is helping people – one step at a time – to take control of their spending habits, stretch their money and get out of debt with reality-based principles. Michelle will tell you like it is… in a REAL, no-fluff, back-to-basics way that produces RESULTS.