Walking In The Spirit

Walking In The Spirit!

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Lately I’ve realized just how much I don’t walk by the Spirit of God.  I realize how human I am and how much I don’t transform my mind daily and eat my “daily bread”, which is the Word of God.

Realizing this was and is my starting point.  What is yours?

The other day I was out running and when I finished my slow mile, I just began to pray.  It was me and God. I began speaking over myself. I am a child of THE KING! I am blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved by God. The Kingdom of God lives within me.  I am a walking temple of the Lord. I lay my hands on people and pray and they do recover.  I see miracles. I am the beloved of God through Jesus Christ. I began renewing my mind and I didn’t even realize it. I began thanking God for my life. I began thanking Him for the things I have yet to see come to pass in my life. I was thanking Him for the miracles I see every day, (which I don’t see every day but I will). I began thanking Him for living a fulfilled life. I realized later, that this is what it takes to renew your mind.

How often do we walk knowing all the truths God says about us in His Word? Do we really know who we are? Are we walking in the spirit and being aware and listening to the Spirit no matter where we are? I know I struggle but God is growing me up.

Later that day, I was sitting with my family and all of a sudden the Spirit of God came all over me and I just had to begin to pray.  So I started praying for my mom and her shoulder. She has had bad pain and it was hurting her so bad she wanted to cry.  God relieved her pain some at that moment. Then, I turned and started praying for my dad. I began to speak in tongues and prophesy over him. Doing that is very uncomfortable for me because they are my family and I am so close to them, but God had a plan and something He wanted to do sitting in my living room that day, and He did. We cried and God moved. I can’t explain what it feels like to get out of the way and let God do what He wants.

Something I learned in this experience is that we have to get out of the way. When praying for those you love, they are no longer your mom and dad or your cousin or friend; they are a brother or sister in Christ or a lost soul in need of a loving Savior.  Whatever the case we have to see them for their spirit and their heart and not what we know them as.  We have to step back and love them from God’s point of view. He sees their potential and the future that He wants for them. We can’t see those things, but we have to pray over them as if it’s God’s heart and not our own. Then, God moves.

It wasn’t until today, however, that I realized that I had renewed my mind that day. That I had spoken over myself the truths God speaks over me continually as His child. We must realize who we are so we can walk in the Spirit of Him and what He wants for us and those all around us. Walking in the Spirit of God is listening to what He has to say. Train your heart to hear what God is saying to you. Try to stop whatever you’re doing and listen. Our selfishness often gets in the way, but God is bigger than us. He can and will get our attention but it is our choice whether to obey or not. Just be. Be what He has created you to be. Walk in the Spirit and relax knowing you are the beloved of God. You are blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved by an amazing Savior. All the praise, glory, and honor BE to Jesus Christ.

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Until we’re together again, God Bless!

Tiana 🙂

Guest Author Tiana Drinkard