Hey! I’ve Got an Idea!


Have you ever yelled, “Hey, I’ve got an idea!”

I started on this journey with the idea of sharing other people’s success stories just a couple of months ago.  I know, from my own experience, that when you hear stories and testimonials and praise reports that you start believing more.  God deals to every man a measure of faith.  When we have an idea or lots of faith or tons of hope, we really don’t come up with it all by our little ol’ selves.  *wink*

That IDEA came from my friend, Jesus.  The reason that the idea came to me was because I was asking Him to show me what I am good at.  When I am ASKING Jesus something, I call that prayer.  Because he is my friend and he loves me and has all good things for me, I know that HE WILL ANSWER me when I pray.  FYI, right now my spirit is rejoicing and doing a happy dance!  All of that was said to get to this point, I found out what I am good at and now I can use that to help YOU.

First, you need to know enough about me so that you will know that this is a safe place to hang out.  You need to know that if I judge you, it is with RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT, and that is a good thing.  I ask you to withhold your judgement of me until you know what you are doing.  We really do have power that we don’t know about or understand.  Guard yourself all the time because when you pass judgement, it reflects on YOUR entire life.

Anyway, to keep this short and sweet for you today, I am good at getting my prayers answered.  If you have ever been in prayer with me, you have heard me say,

“My Daddy God hears me when I pray!”

Yes, I believe that with all of my being.  Yes, I am special (but so are you).  Yes, I am a child of the King.  When I ask God for stuff through his son, Jesus, nothing is out of the question.  Sometimes prayers are answered quickly, sometimes not fast at all, but they are ALWAYS answered.  Here’s one nugget to take with you today – After you ask for something, you have got to be looking for the answer to come.

There are people everywhere that need prayer, right?  So, does it make sense that I am really not looking for people to pray for?  However, I am honored when someone knows about my relationship with Jesus and trusts that I am in touch with Him and wants me to pray for them.

This is my objective and my mission for this season in life:

I want YOU to do what I do and know how much YOU are loved!!!

Can you now imagine how much power you have that you haven’t even tapped into yet?

Can you do what I do and touch the very Throne of God for yourself and your loved ones?  Absolutely, Positively, YES!!!

We all want that, right?  It’s not hard work at all.  It doesn’t take years of study or hours of begging God or praying hard.

If you want to know more about how you can get your prayers answered, go to the top of this page and put in your name and email.  It’s that simple!  I will send some “nuggets of wisdom” directly to you.  You will learn how to touch Him and get your own prayers answered.

Have a blessed day,




2 Replies to “Hey! I’ve Got an Idea!”

  1. Shew.. I ask all the time for strength and perseverance. Knowledge beyond my power and repeated joy for my job. Here’s to asking for help!

  2. Love it that you are praying for others! There is never enough of that. If more people prayed for others, especially strangers, or those different than themselves, I think the world would be a kinder and more loving place!

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