Good News?

If most of us would rather hear good news than bad, then why is it that all we ever hear is bad news?

I submit to you that you are hearing what you WANT TO HEAR.  You are in control of what you see, read and hear.

Newspaper with Good News Headline

If you really would rather hear some good news, then you are at the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!

To improve your life, in any capacity, the first step is to guard your heart, your spirit, and your mind.  The only reason that I am writing to you today to try to encourage you in some small way is because my thinking has changed.  Someone said they believed in me.  Someone told me I could impact lives for the better.  I chose to listen to the people who spoke life over me.

You see, the thing that really gets to me, is to see people start to dream again.  I love to the a spark of hope flicker in someone’s eyes as they begin to believe that they could succeed in life!  To use a corny “old” cliche’…


Yes, I am the eternal optimist but I know how much hope and faith can do in the face of overwhelming odds or adversity.  My family has been through some major storms of life but we knew that we would come out stronger on the other side.  We have learned and grown in the Lord.  When you go through trials, you should always develop your TESTIMONY out of the tests.  I want you to know that you are created in the image of God, whether you have received his Son as your Savior or not.  What it means to be created in the image of God is that you also have the power to create!  You really need to know what you are capable of and use your God-given talents and abilities to help bring light and love to this world.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to ask WHY???  I want you to be real.  Ask questions like a child would.  Have you ever been in the presence of a persistent child that said, “Why, where, when, why, why, why, how come, where, what?????”  Be persistent, curious, and alive and keep asking questions.  Yes, you will drive some people crazy but so what!  You should really ask the one who has ALL THE ANSWERS!  He will never get tired of you and he wants you to know how much he loves you. 🙂

Ok, ok, back to the topic at hand, hahaha….

If the things that you are watching, listening to, reading, or allowing in your life are not creating something in you or others, STOP.  Be a part of things that bring goodness and fullness into your life.  You don’t have to be mean, but remove yourself from negative people and influences.  Don’t you agree that there’s enough “junk” cluttered in your heart and in your spirit already?

Ultimately, in the natural, we do reap what we sow. If I plant tomato seeds, then I will have tomatoes growing before long.  (Hint, hint…Honey, I want garden-fresh tomatoes from our own garden this year. *wink)

So, do you want abundant life?  Plant the seeds that produce it.  First and foremost, all GOOD things come from God, through his Son, Jesus.  The good news, or the gospel, is available to all.  If you have already received that most excellent SEED, then it is time for you to have life more abundantly!!  It is already yours.  Learn how to get it by beholding his Glory.

You are NOT that person that you see in the mirror.  YOU are that person that speaks, for out of the abundance of the heart, your mouth speaks.  All it takes is one real conversation with you and I will know where your treasures are.

There’s a children’s song that says something like…”Be careful little eyes what you see.  Be careful little ears what you hear.”  WISDOM!

Have a wonderful day and I believe in you!


Michelle Drinkard is a Powerful Woman of God who has been married to a sweet Preacher of the Gospel for over 20 years. She is a mother to two amazing children! 🙂 She is helping people – one step at a time – to take control of their spending habits, stretch their money and get out of debt with reality-based principles. Michelle will tell you like it is… in a REAL, no-fluff, back-to-basics way that produces RESULTS.



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