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One of my friends shared this post on Facebook and I wanted to share it here, for you to read.

This is her post EXACTLY as it was posted.


“I attended a doTerra Training yesterday and I have to share this testimony. It’s by a fellow Diamond leader here in GA. A year ago, he was in a wheelchair. He was in a horrible accident which didn’t leave him paralyzed but the pain to walk was excruciating. He has plates and rods and even a computer implanted to help him walk. He was only able to walk 30 steps a day max. A friend shared doTerra’s Deep Blue oil with him. After 5 weeks of it sitting there, one day he was in SO much pain he decided to try it. His wife applied 1 drop to his back and massaged it in. Within seconds he was feeling pain relief. She applied a little more and he was ASTOUNDED. He got up and walked over 5000 steps…PAIN FREE.
One of the things he shared that stuck with me was this. He said if any of his friends had known about doTerra and Deep Blue and didn’t share it with him, he would have stopped being friends with them. I’m sure that was an exaggeration but this changed his quality of life substantially. When I offer you an oil for a major illness you are dealing with, please know I do it out of love. I have something that works for SO many….for MOST actually! PLEASE at least TRY the oils. They can’t hurt and you may experience a life changing moment as well.”

Facts tell and stories sell!
We ALL care about how something can help us or someone we love and not about all the other stuff.
This post caught my attention because my husband deals with PAIN on a daily basis and if there’s a CHANCE that this might help him, I’m all for it.
In other words, I’m sold.





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