Here are some pictures of crochet projects that I have done in the past and they all have stories behind them. For every item I’ve ever crocheted, there is a person and a blessing that goes with it.

Do you have items that were handmade by your grandmother and you cherish them? To me, that’s what quilting or crochet brings to mind. Please share your stories or leave comments telling about your treasured keepsakes.



alabama blanket

becky's afghan

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  1. I love the Alabama blanket/bedspread. Do you have a written pattern for it? Or what stitches were used?

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    1. Hi Sarah, I used a front post double crochet on the Alabama blanket. I am so glad that you like it but I actually don’t have a written pattern because I made it up. If you think you want to dive into it, I could give you a guideline from another pattern that is similar. You can go to and find the wrap with slits (WR1811) pattern. That’s what it was derived from. I hope this helps.

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