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Tell Me That Story

Would you like to create your own success story instead of just reading about someone else’s?

I will show you where to start and what to do first.

I hope you have laid out your plans for 2017 so that this year you will have a success story of your own. If you haven’t done that YET, go and read about, share, and find hope in someone else’s success story.

Years ago, I was involved with a different network marketing company. They did a lot of talking about success but I didn’t see too many people succeeding. That experience affected me when I first became a part of doTerra. Then, one day, I noticed people that were in the same business with me were advancing through the ranks, and their incomes were going up!

My belief level started to go up. Plain and Simple.

Even in the Old Testament, the people were instructed to pass down the stories of God’s goodness and mercy from generation to generation. We desperately NEED to hear good things, success stories, and feel-good stories.

So, here is a success story that was posted on Facebook a couple of days ago by one of the ladies on our team.

Success Story, Cancun incentive trip“We are in Cancun with most of dōTERRA’s top leaders and the executive team. It is almost overwhelming to think back to the decision about going to that first class and to see where that decision has led us. It started with little bottles that helped us feel better, but I had no idea where that would lead us.

We have traveled to places we would have never gone. I have spent more time on a beach this past year than I have in my whole life. My marriage is stronger, my friendships are stronger, my time belongs to me. I am so thankful for a company and friends that help me be a better human.

When you are thinking about a decision to watch an online class, or have an opportunity to attend a live essential oil class, do yourself a favor and GO. If you are looking for a different way to do life, take the time to look at dōTERRA as a business.”

Are you at all interested in doing Life this way, alongside me?

I would love to show you how to do this. My team has incredible training and systems in place to support you along the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for ambitious, hard-working people to partner with and just do LIFE with! You will be so proud of our company, products, team and getting to work with ME! Yes, I said it and I mean it. I believe that God put you in my path and that you’ve been praying for someone to give you direction!  🙂

Take Action and send me a message Now!

I will give you the first few steps to help you decide if this might be the right “Fit” for you and your family… and get you started on the journey to Your Success Story!



Lucky? You’re Kidding, Right?

Sssh, I'm not luckyYou are just ssooooo lucky!

Do you know how lucky you are to have such great kids?

Yeah, but I’m not lucky like you! I wish I didn’t have to work outside the home, either.

We just can’t afford to do like you do. You are so lucky to have the money to do things with.

You know, I’m not lucky enough to have a supportive husband to help me in business.

You are so outgoing and confident. I want to be a leader like you are… if only I could be so lucky.

Lucky? You ARE kidding, right?

Hey, if this article “Punches You Right In The Gut” maybe it was written just for you.

I don’t know, maybe you are just lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time, to hear it! Hahaha, just kidding… 😉

Now, in case you don’t know me personally, my intent is to help you. Yes, I really do want to help.  I’m one of those strange people that wants to help others. BUT… Sometimes, the way to help people is to shake them up a little, wake them up or even make them mad at you.

Here’s the truth. Throughout this journey called life, I think I have said ALL those statements listed above about being lucky. I have whined, begged God, and manipulated people to try to figure out how to be successful. None of it worked. Eventually, you will start to change your mindset, if you truly want something different than what you have.

First step – Let’s change the word Lucky to Blessed.

We have to start somewhere, right? We all make judgements. That’s our process of reasoning, working things out, and decision making. Everything is a process. Everything!

After joining a work-from-home business in 2000, I started listening to Jim Rohn, who has gone on to be with the Lord, but his training is still available today. I learned from Dani Johnson and went to her seminars around the country. I took online Social Media classes from Sandi Krakowski, who is a Top Social Media expert. (Note: I did not have all the extra money laying around to use. I had to sacrifice!)

I have had 15 years of learning, thousands of dollars in training, and many heartaches to get me to the “Right Place at the Right Time” that I am now enjoying. Yes, I am Blessed!

Are you at the right place at the right time, too?

If you want to be a Leader, tell the Lord, and He shall direct your path. The same goes with any desire of your heart. Ask. Seek. Knock.

  • You may want to raise your own kids instead of leaving them at a daycare or public school system.
  • You are looking to be a stay at home Dad, making a huge income so that you can retire your wife.
  • Are you the one that is not physically able to get out and get a job but you would love to make a full-time income working online.
  • Maybe you are a burned-out network marketer who has almost given up on finding a credible company to represent.
  • Is it you that simply needs a little help to get an extra part-time income?
  • You may be the one who is tired of the commute, tired of the rat race, or just plain tired of being tired. If there’s a better way, you want to know about it.

Then, start looking for the opportunities to appear. Yes, by all means, pray. After you have prayed, don’t miss the answer when the LORD sends it!!! Read that last sentence again, please.

I promise you that I was not lucky. However, I am Blessed! I’ve been blessed with the ability to keep loving, keep learning, keep growing my skill level so that I can make an income working from home!

So, what about you? Can you be held accountable? Are you Blessed? Will you take a look at your situation and take action to get to where you want to go?

Are you teachable? I’m sure you think you are but …

Are you teachable? You have to be willing to shut your mouth and listen. (I still have a hard time with this one, sometimes. Ask my leader, hahaha.)

Are you teachable?

If you want to be successful in business or in life,

1) Trust the Lord and your own instincts. God made you unique.

2) When you need help, get it. Find someone who has been there and came out on the other side. Look at them. Analyze them. Do they have the kind of life that you want? Go to work. It’s okay to copy others but learn to make it your own, whatever it is.

3) Keep learning and growing and lay your EGO down. Whether it’s a prideful, haughty spirit OR an inferior “I’m-not-as-lucky-as-you-are” spirit, Let It Go!

4) Take Action. You will never know if you don’t TRY!

5) Never Quit! Sure, we all go through stages where we want to give up but just… DON’T! Even if it looks like you have quit, you know the difference. Hold on to the dream, even if it’s just barely burning inside you.

6) Leave me a comment if you were here and read this!

Have a Blessed Day!










Facts Tell. Stories Sell. Share Your Story!

Your Story Could Change Someone’s Life!

Tell them your story


Share your stories with me and let’s help one another.

One of my friends shared this post on Facebook and I wanted to share it here, for you to read.

This is her post EXACTLY as it was posted.


“I attended a doTerra Training yesterday and I have to share this testimony. It’s by a fellow Diamond leader here in GA. A year ago, he was in a wheelchair. He was in a horrible accident which didn’t leave him paralyzed but the pain to walk was excruciating. He has plates and rods and even a computer implanted to help him walk. He was only able to walk 30 steps a day max. A friend shared doTerra’s Deep Blue oil with him. After 5 weeks of it sitting there, one day he was in SO much pain he decided to try it. His wife applied 1 drop to his back and massaged it in. Within seconds he was feeling pain relief. She applied a little more and he was ASTOUNDED. He got up and walked over 5000 steps…PAIN FREE.
One of the things he shared that stuck with me was this. He said if any of his friends had known about doTerra and Deep Blue and didn’t share it with him, he would have stopped being friends with them. I’m sure that was an exaggeration but this changed his quality of life substantially. When I offer you an oil for a major illness you are dealing with, please know I do it out of love. I have something that works for SO many….for MOST actually! PLEASE at least TRY the oils. They can’t hurt and you may experience a life changing moment as well.”

Facts tell and stories sell!
We ALL care about how something can help us or someone we love and not about all the other stuff.
This post caught my attention because my husband deals with PAIN on a daily basis and if there’s a CHANCE that this might help him, I’m all for it.
In other words, I’m sold.